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Cleaning and Maintenance Products





Diamond Daily Cleaner $12.95 EA- 16oz

Diamond Daily Cleaner- Excellent chemical-free, non toxic, green cleaner, safe around food and pets for use on all hard surfaces including granite, quartz, tile, and stainless steel. This product will keep your counter tops looking beautiful without harmful chemicals or abrasives that can harm your surfaces.








Diamond Green Wash $14.95 EA- 160z

Diamond Green is a safe and environmentally water-based cleaner that will cut through grease and grime to keep your granite counter tops looking better than new!









Diamond Blue Wash  $14.95 EA- 16oz

Diamond Blue Wash is designed to clean, polish and dissolve  mineral deposits. This product will polish your surfaces to the ultimate luster and beauty while creating a neutral PH environment that prevents bacteria and germs from growing without having to use harmful anti-microbial chemicals. This product is safe around humans and pets.