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Diamond Seal

What is Diamond Seal and How Does It Work? Diamond seal image


History of the Diamond Seal Product

Hydrophobic (water repellent) coating technology has been around for almost a century. Originally it was used primarily by the military to coat warplane windshields and, more importantly, to waterproof glass vacuum tubes in communication radios.  The advent of plastic laminate jet windshields and replacement of vacuum tubes with transistors meant the hydrophobic coating technical data could be declassified and made available through the Freedom of Information Act.

Diamond Seal is a time-proven leader and early pioneer in using hydrophobic technology to protect glass, ceramic, porcelain and granite. Diamond Seal was the first to employ chemical vapor deposition ((VD) glass coating technology on a commercial basis. This process requires a sealable chamber, loaded with pre-cleaned glass sheets and then sealed shut. A chemical released into an air flow in the chamber rapidly evaporates into a gaseous vapor. This vapor interacts with the glass surface, creating a transparent, non-stick coating that binds with the glass material at the molecular level.

The limitations of coating inside a chamber led Diamond Seal to develop and patent the next generation of coating process known as OS-II, the next generation. Now, the same protective non-stick coating can be applied directly to glass, ceramic, porcelain,and granite surfaces in homes and offices.

Diamond Seal

Diamond Seal II

DS-II is a time proven product with a 15 year track record of protecting surfaces from the corrosive effects of water and from mineral build-up. Treated surfaces become slicker than Teflon,    making clean-up much easier without using caustic chemicals or abrasives. More importantly, these surfaces stay clean and new-looking with a fraction of the effort.
The microscopic pores on the surfaces to be sealed are full of oxygen atoms. Diamond Seal is rich in carbon. When the carbon atoms in Diamond Seal share a single electron with these oxygen atoms the newly formed atoms imitate the linking atomic structure of Diamonds. This process called covalent bonding forms a strong and stable bond of continuously linked carbon atoms across the surface being sealed. The bond is so strong and durable that we guarantee its effectiveness in writing for life on new granite surfaces and for 3-5 years on all other surfaces.

Off-the-shelf sealant products offer only a limited warranty; the product price is refunded or the sealant manufacturer will send a replacement bottle of their product. Is that really what the customer wants?
On the other hand, Diamond Seal guarantees on-site inspection and analysis of the problem to determine and implement the best solution.

Other sealants protect by clogging pores with oils and polymers, which wash away with continued exposure to water and cleaning products, resulting in a need to frequently re-seal. Diamond Seal bonds chemically and will never wash away, so you will never need to re-seal…not in 6 months, 6 years, or 6 decades.

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