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Phase I

The design consultation is an exciting “brainstorming” session to determine what is necessary to make your dream…Reality.

Before After

Topics include:

  1. Function and use
  2. Utilization of space
  3. Changes of space
  4. Backsplash
  5. Ledges
  6. Overhang
  7. Edge
  8. Plumbing
  9. Electrical
  10. Sinks
  11. Faucets
  12. Color coordination and combinations

Your One Stop Shop, bringing affordable and unique design together. It doesn’t have to be expensive to look expensive.



Field Evaluation and Measure

  1. We will discuss material options such as granite, quartz, marble etc.
  2. We measure for exact dimensions in order to guarantee our price quote.
  3. Determine overhang, radius, edges and structural support (if needed)
  4. Discuss counter top colors and budget
  5. Decide if you need any or all of our additional services in your quote. We are licensed contractors and have employees on our staff that perform the following work:
    1. Tear out of existing countertops
    2. Plumbing (sink, disposal, faucet)
    3. Structural Welding for Support
    4. Backsplash installation
    5. Diamond Seal (Lifetime Stone Sealer)
    6. Electrical (cooktop, oven, instant hot water)
    7. Schedule Slab Viewing
    8. Receive exact quote within twenty four hours.


Phase III

Material Choice and Color Selection

  1. Choose material or materials of choice
    1. Natural granite
    2. Marble
    3. Quartz Products
    4. Green Products
  2. Select Color or colors
  3. Choose thickness
  4. Select edge or edges
  5. Sealers for Maintenance-free products
  6. Sink Placement – Sink type
  7. Backsplash options and design
  8. Choose faucet(s) and sink(s)
  9. Schedule date of template


Phase IV
Pre-installation checklist and template

  1. Cabinets (new or existing) must be installed and level. Existing counter tops must be removed.
  2. Sinks are to be on site at time of template.
  3. Template is created by hand for the most accurate fit to client’s cabinets, walls, etc.
  4. Client should be available at time of template to verify radiuses, overhangs, and reveals.
  5. United Stoneworks follows Marble Institute of America guidelines for seam placement, however, options may be available depending on layout.
  6. Slab viewing is available upon request at our fabrication facility. Certain stones have movement or unusual characteristics that the client may want “showcased” on an island or placed in a certain area, and we try to accommodate client requests while utilizing the stone as efficiently as possible.
  7. After template is complete, the installation date is scheduled through United Stonework’s Project Scheduler.


Phase V
Installation Process

  1. Client is to have faucet, dispensers, cooktops, drop-in sinks, etc., on site at time of install.
  2. Some cutting on site may be required. We practice clean site protocal, however there may be dust residue.
  3. Once the tops are fitted into position they are shimmed (when necessary*) and glued in place with a silicone glue.
  4. Seams are bonded together permanently with a special two part polyester material. The bonding material has color mixed to match your stone to create an almost invisible seam. Seams shall have a tolerance of no more than 1/16th of an inch.
  5. Counter tops are cleaned.

If cabinets are not level shims are used to even out the surface prior to installing the stone. If cabinets have settled unevenly over time, or are not installed level, the shims may be visible and it may be necessary for client to add trim pieces to cover the area between the cabinets and the counter top.


Phase VI
Post Installation

  1. It is recommended that the client wait 24 hours to use their kitchen or bathroom counter top. This allows any bonding agents to set properly.
  2. Plumbing can be completed.
  3. Diamond Sealer can be applied and is highly recommended with natural stone. (Diamond Seal has a lifetime stain warranty.)
  4. Tile backsplash can be installed, when applicable.
  5. Enjoy the beauty!