Award Winning Countertops

Proud to be New Mexico's premier countertop fabricator and installer

About United Stoneworks

Founded in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2008 by Curt Richter and Mary McGarrity, United Stoneworks has installed thousands of countertops in the past decade. 

Award Winning Countertops

We are honored to have produced residential and commercial countertops that have won numerous awards and are featured in prominent media publications.

  • Parade of Homes
  • New York Times
  • Architecture Digest 

United Stoneworks owns our 8,000 sq. ft. fabrication shop in Albuquerque and we do not sub-contract labor. We provide the best possible quality for every countertop project. We install everything from affordable quartz and granite to the most exotic semi-precious stone and luxury porcelain countertops. Our designs incorporate movement and complicated miter folds that many other companies are not capable of providing.

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The health and safety of our clients and team members is our #1 priority at United Stoneworks. We are NM SAFE Certified and trained in COVID-SAFE Practices. We want to ensure all current and future clients that we have the following safety measures in place:

  • We adhere to all local and state health codes and safety requirements.
  • We require all team members and customers to wear masks and socially distance.
  • We strive for the safest, most sanitary environment in our shops and in the field.
  • We offer our employees paid sick time and each employee is asked to not report to work if they are showing any symptoms of illness.
  • We sanitize our workshop and delivery trucks before and after each job throughout the day.
  • For porous surfaces like Granite, our Diamond Seal product has anti-bacterial properties and is highly recommended for sanitary purposes.

If you have any questions about our processes or safety measures, please contact us.

Keeping Our Team and Environment Safe

Our shop is and has been OSHA certified and inspected for all safety related practices. In order to keep the dust down we utilize water for cutting on the bridge saw, edge profiling and polishing and where there is dry cutting being used we have waterwalls and micro-filters to clean the air of fine air-borne  particles.

We are not only concerned for our employees but our environment as well and recycle all water used in our shop with a industrial filter press which in addition to filtering, purifies the filtered water with UV instead of harsh chemicals which can damage our environment. United Stoneworks has also implemented a recycling program for unused stone and quartz with Vulcan Materials to utilize the material for asphalt used in our roads which in turn will help our roads last longer and use less petroleum products VS. just dumping it into landfills.


Our customers love working with us and are very satisfied with our countertops and installation services. Don’t take our word for it, learn what our happy customers are saying.

Our Guarantee

We are so confident in our work that we offer a Lifetime Warranty. Learn more about our guarantee and why we will cover your countertops for life.

Why United Stoneworks?

Here’s some things about us: 

  1. Licensed with the state of New Mexico.
  2. Fully bonded and insured.
  3. Utilize job tracking and scheduling software to insure production aligns with our field schedules.
  4. Provide expert interior design consultation.
  5. We have both a Shop and a Field management team.
  6. Best Practices used in both production and installation for top quality results.
  7. OSHA certified shop.
  8. “Green Shop” We recycle all water and un-used scraps used in the manufacture or our asphalt roads with helps roads last longer and use less petroleum based materials.
  9. We utilize hydro-seam machines for a perfect and level seam.
  10. Colorized seams.
  11. Custom wood templates for a perfect fit and scribe.
  12. Template layouts with our clients before production.
  13. Clean Site protocol.
  14. Dependable and flexible scheduling.
  15. Diamond Seal System with Life-Time Warranty from staining or etching of natural stone.
  16. Only professional grade supplies and materials utilized.
  17. Multi-product offerings.
  18. Complex and large project capabilities.
  19. Life-Time Warranty on our Craftsmanship.

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