Big Box Stores vs. Fabricator Direct

Here’s why working with a local Albuquerque countertop fabricator and installer is better than a big box store. 

1. Price per square foot game
Many times you see advertised price per square foot promotions, but beware, what they don’t disclose until you’re ready to sign the contract, is the additional so-called upgrades such as under-mount sink cut-outs which make up 98% of all instillations, any edge profile other than flat eased edges, extra holes for 3 hole faucets and accessories, and the tear-out and removal of existing countertops. 
2. Sub-contracting work by big box stores
Big box stores sub-contract their fabrication and installation so that the quality of fabrication and installation will be from multiple sources and with very little guarantee.
3. Big box stores mark up the price
You will pay the mark-up of anywhere from 10%-30% with a big box store since the become the middle man between you and the fabricator; hence why there are all of these unexpected changes measuring and estimating you project. 
4. How experienced is the templating team?
Who will measure your kitchen, and do they have the experience? Don’t be afraid to ask. Many big box stores will charge you just to come out and measure in-order to give you a written estimate because they sub-contract this out too!
5. Beware of digital templating
Most big box stores sub-contract their labor to production fabricators who use a digital template system which saves them money while sacrificing the quality of your countertops leaving gaps on uneven walls or corners which may not be square.
6. Custom layouts allow material flow
Using digital temples in lieu of hand built wood strips, eliminates the chance to use a custom template layout to ensure that you get the colors and movement in the materials where and how you like it placed in your kitchen.
7. How many seams will your project have?
United Stoneworks strives to keep the number of seams to a minimum or eliminate them completely if possible, which means we have large instillations centers for the larger pieces of countertops of islands, and this costs more in labor, which separates a higher quality job from one that is merely acceptable.
8. Local experienced design expertise
Another advantage to using United Stoneworks over a big box store is that fact that you will have a local design expert who will assist in managing your project with you from start to finish.
9. Custom material selection
We insist on having you pick the material that will be used to fabricate your project and will take you on a slab tour to shop for stone that you will absolutely love.
10. Lifetime Warranty
United Stoneworks will guarantee our workmanship for as long as you own your home, (that’s right for as long as you own your home). Most big box stores only have a limited warranty if any at all. 

We replace big box store counters because of poor quality fabrication and installation almost monthly. United Stoneworks offers local expertise from an experienced design and fabrication team. Contact us to get a quote for your project.