Sensa by Cosentino

High Performance Treated Natural Granite Countertops

Sensa by Cosentino

Granite Countertops

What are the benefits of Sensa?

This specialty granite has many benefits due to the special sealant technology applied to the stone. Sensa provides superior stain resistance, water resistance, and UV light radiation resistance.

What is the Cosentino guarantee?

When you purchase Sensa by Cosentino, you get a 15-year certified guarantee.

What maintenance is needed?

One of the beauties is this countertop material is almost maintenance-free. Soap and water, or a mild household cleaner work to keep your Sensa countertops looking beautiful.

What treatment seal does Sensa have?

This granite is treated by Cosentino using a special technology. The treatment process for Sensa alters the surface tension of the granite, causing the material itself to prevent liquids from penetrating it. 

What colors does Sensa granite come in?

As Sensa is a natural stone, the colors are provided by nature. See the Sensa by Cosentino gallery to look at the beautiful color variety available.

What is the difference with Sensa granite?

Cosentino is a leading countertop manufacturer and Sensa granite is different due to their special treatment making it have a high stain resistance, guaranteed for 15 years.


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