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Traditional and Exotic Natural Stone Countertop Materials

Countless Countertop Options

Granite and quartz countertops are by far the most popular. But there is still something timeless and alluring about traditional luxury countertop materials like marble, limestone, onyx, and travertine. We also carry luxury exotic semi-precious stone countertops. The experienced installation team at United Stoneworks are experts at handling these exotic and luxury countertop materials. We will ensure your material is the perfect style and fit for your project. Many other fabricators won’t work with these natural materials, especially on countertops, but our team are experts at installing all types of countertops, including working with exotic materials.


There’s nothing like the classic elegance of real natural marble. As a natural stone, no two slabs of marble are alike. Naturally cool and very hard, marble countertops also provide great heat and stain resistance.


A long time luxury favorite, Travertine is a natural stone that comes in beautiful earthly colors. Used for thousands of years in Italy and Turkey, Travertine provides a timeless beauty that can stand the test of time.

Semi-Precious Stones

Looking for exotic countertop materials? We supply semi-precious stone countertops created out of amaythist, feldspar, petrified wood, tiger eye and more


Striking and dramatic, onyx countertops are a popular style for stone surfaces that provide a sleek and modern look. Onyx is translucent, and perfect for extraordinary backlit bathroom vanities and backsplashes.


Natural Limestone has a lovely soft, buttery Old World look that is unsurpassed by manufactured countertop materials. This sophisticated and ancient building material is also durable.