Semi-Precious Stone Countertops

Exotic surfaces for luxury project

Semi-Precious Stone Countertop FAQ

What are the benefits of using semi-precious stone?

The exotic look of semi-precious stone countertops is a luxury showstopper. Beautiful natural stones are componded into exquisite countertops with unparalleled surfaces. These countertops are truly a work of art.

What care and maintenance is required?

You should avoid harsh chemical cleansers and use a specialty product or water and mild soap. 

What warranty comes with your semi-precious stone countertops?

We are so confident in our products and processes that all countertops supplied and installed by United Stoneworks come with a Lifetime Warranty.

What are the disadvantages of

semi-precious stone?

These are the most expensive countertops available and come with a premium price. 

What colors does semi-precious stone come in?

These exotic countertops are made of amethyst, agate, tiger eye, petrified wood, jasper, agate, natural quartz geodes and other semi-precious materials. These materials are cut and bound together by resin to create a smooth solid surface. We work with Cactus Stone to supply our semi-precious stone countertops.

What other materials have the semi-precious stone look?

If you are looking for another exotic countertop surface, check out the luxury quartz available to give the semi-precious stone countertop look at a more affordable price.

Want to learn more about semi-precious stone countertops?

  • Our expert designers at United Stoneworks will walk you through the benefits, disadvantages, care & maintenance, and costs of semi-precious stone countertops.