Neolith Countertops

Premium porcelain countertop surfaces

Neolith FAQ

About Neolith countertops:

Neolith is a global producer of sintered surfaces. Up to 52% of any Neotlith surface is composed of recycled raw materials. Interior designers all over the world use Neolith as the focus of their prestigious  international projects.

What is the benefits of Neolith surfaces?

Neolith is resistant to high temperatures, resistant to UV rays and light. It is also ideal for outdoors as it is resistant to ice and freezing. It’s also scratch resistant, easy to clean, hygienic, and waterproof.

What warranty comes with Neolith?

We are so confident in our products and processes that all countertops supplied and installed by United Stoneworks come with a Lifetime Warranty. In addition to this, Neolith also offers a limited 10 year warranty on their porcelain slabs.




What colors and styles are available for Neolith? 

Neolith has a large collection of colors, textures, and styles. With more than 45 colors ranging from whites, blacks, grays, creams and browns, Neolith is ideal for a wide variety of desired looks. See all Neolith colors

What sizes are available?

Neolith boasts the largest existing sintered stone surfaces available in large slabs and tile formats, perfect for projects that do not want many seams. Neolith is also available in a variety of thicknesses from 3mm to 20mm – perfect for a variety of projects.

What finishes are available?

Neolith comes in a variety of finishes including satin, silk, riverwashed, natural honed, and polished finishes to allow for maximum flexibility in achieving the look you want..

Want to learn more about Neolith countertops?

  • The Neolith website shows all of their manufacturing processes and color guides. Find inspiration for your your new porcelain countertop project.