Countertop Remnants

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Remnants – Perfect for Smaller Projects

United Stoneworks installs hundreds of large, luxury countertops each year. Large project require sizable pieces of granite, quartz, porcelain, soapstone, marble or other countertop materials. Remnant stock from these project ends up in our bone yard where it is available to you at a reduced price. Remnants are prefect for you to save money on luxury countertop materials without the expensive price. Remnant stock is perfect for smaller countertop projects like vanity tops, fireplace mantles, patios, barbecues, or even small kitchens.

Reduced Price Remnants

Looking to save money on a smaller countertop project?

All of our remnant stock is available at a special reduced price. Contact our team to schedule a time to tour our bone yard and find the perfect piece to create a remnant countertop for your small project.

How to shop for remnant countertops?

Browsing the remnant bone yard for your project can be a fun scavenger hunt, searching for the perfect piece. There are some things you can do to be prepared in advance of touring the remnant bone yard to make your trip productive: 

  1. Bring the measurements of the remnant countertop project.
  2. Consider factors like backsplashes that require additional materials.
  3. Determine what type of countertop material you are seeking for your remnant project (granite, quartz, marble etc.) This isn’t totally necessary as our team can help advise you if a remnant piece isn’t going to work for your project.


Ready to search for your perfect remnant?

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